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A valuable brand in self drilling anchor manufacturing - Sinorock

A valuable brand in any industry is one that is reputably skilled and capable of performing what they have promised. For engineers, this means that the company should be approved and certified to ensure the quality of their work.Sinorock puts its name on the self drilling anchors manufacturing.A trustworthy brand also provides exemplary customer service. You should expect unrelenting support throughout every stage and facet of the project. 

Sinorock is the global leader in commercial self drilling anchor system , delivering solutions to meet our customer's needs across the surface and underground mining, civil tunnelling, tunneling, Hydroelectric and Civil Construction,at the same time, As an reliable self drilling anchor system company, we have Tensile Testing Machine to test the bar quality to guarantee all of the products delivered to customers are qualified. 

Sinorock is the perfect self drilling bolt partner for your evolving business. We have in-house capabilities designed to interact with any computer system in the marketplace.Sinorock has a vast amount of experience in the manufacturing of the complete spectrum of corrosion-protected anchor bolt system. Our decades of successful manufacturing experience makes us a proven, reliable self drilling anchor leader in the industry.


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Sinorock is a valuable to many industries in ground anchor

As ground anchor supplier,Sinorock is a valuable source to many industries.In China,Sinorock have a strong proven history as the market
leader for reliable self drilling ground anchor,Our manufacturing locations and distribution centers are within hours of important mining regions. This enables us to support your mines with quality products and customized solutions.
The self drilling anchor system is a ground anchor solution in either permanent or temporary form with the ability to reduce the quantity ofrequired anchors when compared to a more traditional solution.
Sinorock is a self drilling ground anchor manufacturer specializing in design for underground-projects—Sinorock for underground
construction and is recognized as an industry authority in these fields.Sinorock associates foremost strength is its innovative approach tosolving unique engineering problems.The sizes we can provide include R25, R32, R38, R51, T30, T40, T52, T73, T76, T103, T111, T127, T130.
This ground anchor system can be integrated with the functions of drilling, grouting and anchoring. It also can ensure the anchoring forcomplex ground conditions.


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Sinorock,a leading self drilling anchor bolt manufacturer and supplier from China

All Sinorock self drilling anchor bolt systems are equipped with state-of-the-art Taralog computers which provide readings of drilling and concreting parameters.Sinorock self drilling anchor bolt systems are built and designed in compliance with the standard ISO, and as a result, we offer superior in-house expertise in self drilling anchor bolt testing (both static and dynamic). This is carried out in the earliest possible stages of the project to enable the client and anchor designers to adjust and refine self drilling anchor bolt construction pro-actively, rather than re-actively, later in the project.

Sinorock,a leading self drilling anchor bolt manufacturer and supplier from China,which is managed by dedicated professionals, having rich industrial experience with a passion for innovation and excellence.Our manufacturing facilities keeping pace with technical advantages purely define our corporate dynamism ready to confront the challenges of the new century, infusing innovative thinking with bold initiatives.

We are equipped with the best infrastructure and latest technology to meet the global needs. Stringent quality control, courtegous and prompt delivery has paid off, as today we have a loyal clientele in domestic markets. The imprint of our services to our esteemed buyers run across the country.


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A complete range of self drilling anchor system provided by Sinorock

Sinorock now manufactures and supplies a complete range of self drilling anchor system and technical services to the related industries,such as the civil and tunnelling industries.Sinorock's manufacturing and supply capability includes:self drilling anchor,Duplex coating anchor bolt system,Expansion shell anchor bolt system,Stainless self drilling anchor bolt system,ect.These products are available in different range. Widely used in soil erosion, slope engineering, mining, construction, tunnel, large cave supporting and restoration of engineering structure.

Sinorock is dedicated to being the most reliable Self drilling anchors supplier of the best quality products. We strive to exceed our customers' requirements and expectations in every possible way.

It begins with parts carefully matched with our supply partner and inspected to meet to our customer’s application specification.

Sinorock is a company of individuals dedicated to helping you build better products that last longer. Our manufacturing facilities comply with major international quality systems. We think you’ll find our engineering expertise, knowledge and product portfolio will always offer the best solution for your anchoring challenge.

Give us a call or visit our website. Let us put our brand of Sinorock to work for you.


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The analysis of why Sinorock develop so fast in this self drilling bolt industry

Now let's analyze why Sinorock develop so fast in this self drilling bolt industry.
Sinorock is dedicated to providing outstanding service and product selection, 

guiding you to find the products you need, supported by our variety of knowledge and 

experience in the "drilling" industry so that your drilling projects go smoothly.
Sinorock applies 6S management system in factory. It makes a clean, comfortable, 

safe work condition for workers.
Sinorock owns a variety of testing equipment such as tension tester, spectrograph, 

sclerometer, material analyzer, thickness gauge and infrared thermometer and so on. 

All these testing equipment ensures that the products will be inspected 

comprehensively guarantee the quality.
The production lines are environmental and energy-saving. They also have a set of 

circulating and filtering systems, which can be recycled and achieve zero release. 

Sinorock adopts special processing and combination technology. The processing method 

without removing the material owns low pollution and high efficiency. The technology 

can no doubt improve the utilization rate of the material.
Sinorock owns hundreds of professional processing equipment. Accessories processing 

adopts CNC equipment and appropriative production machine, which has good quality 

and high efficiency. Sinorok has more than ten independent production line. Annual 

capacity is tens of thousands tons.


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Sinorock self drilling anchor bolts are extensively used for connection applications

Sinorock self drilling anchor bolts are extensively used for connection applications within the construction, engineering and manufacturing industries. Our largest market is the construction industry where we offer our customers highly engineered anchoring products for precast concrete elements; curtain wall and building facades; structural connections within commercial, public and residential construction; as well as anchoring solutions for tunnels, civil engineering and transportation structures.Because our anchor bolt products play a vital role in many constructions,so Sinorock put the saftey of self drilling anchor bolt products on the first.At Sinorock, we believe the only way to guarantee quality is to stand responsible for the entire production process. For that reason we start with producing all our steel in-house. We bring to bear over 4 years of experience in manufacturing high-grade Bearing Steel to all our manufacturing processes and to all our steel products. With regards to experience, our team is amongst the most technically qualified anywhere in the world – the self drilling anchor bolts that we produce for the mechanical industry reflects this experience.

We produce self drilling anchor bolt through the electric arc furnace route. The raw material mix is chosen and prepared carefully to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness. All heats are ladle refined and vacuum degassed before continuous casting and rolling. Right through the production process, we maintain full traceability of the material and a record of the tightly controlled process parameters. This ultra-clean steel forms the starting point for the manufacture of our tubes and hollow bars. 


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The special structure of self drilling anchor bolt decide its use

Self drilling anchor bolt is different from the ordinary anchr bolt,it changes the way of grouting before anchoring of ordinary anchor bolt,when grouting the pressure of it up to tens of kilograms, not only to fill the anchor hole, but also in cracks development of the region, the slurry grouting under pressure to penetrate into cracks, achieve the purpose of improving the surrounding rock structures.
Due to its special structure of self drilling anchor bolt,So it has the following advantages for anchoring in the construction.
1High efficiency, self drilling anchor bolt technology sets drillingļ¼Œgrouting,and anchoring as a whole, each step in a process of construction is completed, you can save construction time.
2Strong adaptability to environment,adapted to the difficultive hole formation, in case of relatively soft, broken wall rock, generally more difficult to hole, even if it is easy to fall into the fashioned hole, the hole is difficult to penetrate the other anchor or anchor rope, and self drilling anchor bolt technology just to avoid the shortcomings of conventional methods, after drilling is completed, the rod without exiting to stay in the hole, so afraid of the collapse of the hole, saving time to wear into the other rod and reduce the difficulty of construction.
Sinorock,as the strong anchor bolt manufacturer,the self drilling anchor bolt has a high demand,Sinorock supplies its products to a number of different industries, some of which are: marine, pre-cast concrete, railroad, electrical & hydro contractors, steel fabrication and bridge builders.